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Useful information for the application of 3D PRINTING in your business

3D PRINTING: produce parts and objects from the 3D model C.A.D.

3D PRINTING SERVICE: produce parts and objects with no purchase costs for machinery and materials and no management costs (personnel, working space, energy, warehouse, waste).

3D MODELING: conceive and design 3D parts and objects in absolute freedom without any form constraints.

DIGITAL DESIGN: conceiving and designing with the help of 3D software for the creation of original objects.

DESIGN FOR ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING (DFAM): design parts and objects for digital fabrication with additive manufacturing technology.It can saves resources (material, energy time) and reduce costs.

ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING: produce parts and objects in metal or plastic materials without any form constraints.

CONSTRUCTION SUPPORTS: the temporary supports inserted to sustain the part during construction must be removed at the end of 3D printing, with ease if soluble supports, with difficulty if made with the same material as the model (metal).

ABSENCE CONSTRUCTION SUPPORTS : technologies (metals & plastics) that DO NOT use construction supports with the advantages of freedom of form and reduced cost.Workshapes use this tecnology only.

FINISHING: apply finishes (colors, metal plating, burnishing) for aesthetics or protection of the parts made in 3d printing.

METAL BJNDER JETTING: 3D metal printing technology which, thanks to the affordable costs and not required construction supports, makes the manufacture of metal parts convenient and easy to use.

LATTICE STRUCTURE (background photo)
Optimization of a part for the reduction of material, weight and cost by lightening the structure (from solid to lattice).

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3d print is an instant online quote 3D printing professional service for production of metal and plastic parts from 3D models.
It use the best and most cost effective production technologies according to the customer's real needs and rapresenting a valid alternative to in-house production, avoiding the purchase and management of printers.

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