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3D printing

3d print 3d printing service for production of metal and plastic parts from 3D models.

If large serial production is required,
metal casting or plastic casting is more advantageous.
metal casting and vacuum casting can make cast parts in various materials.


finishes can make parts in various finishes (plating, burnishing, electropolishing, painting RAL/PANTONE)

manufacturing service por industries can make parts in various metals (stainless steel 316L - 420, aluminium, inconel, copper, brass, bronze, silver, gold) and plastic materials (polyamide PA12, PA11, TPU).

3D modeling

If you don't have the 3D model of your part, 3d modeling service can make it for you.
Submit 2d drawings (3 view) for a technical and economic evaluation.
Topology optimization

topology optimization service can optimize your 3D model to reduce weight, material and costs.

Why use our services
The productions made by why work with us they can be customized for manufacturing technology, materials, number of pieces and surface finishes.
No minimum quantitative limits, long production times and consequent high costs; this guarantees greater production flexibility.
The outsourcing of production avoids the purchase and management of equipment  with consequent economic and organizational advantages.
For mass production and for companies, discounts are available by requesting a custom quote.

manufacturing service custom quote


The use of new digital manufacturing technologies constitutes in itself, an added value for production, allowing the development of innovative products.

Our productions are on demand (only what you need when you need it) and use mainly additive production technologies that avoid wasting resources (materials and energy) while reducing costs.

The materials and production processes used by us ensure, thanks to precision and absence of imperfections, a high quality of the final product.
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