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polyamide PA12 (grey or black) manufactured in HP MJF (Multi Jet Fusion) .pdf

Polyamide PA12 (grey or black) manufactured in HP MJF (Multi Jet Fusion) 40% glass beads filled (high stiffness and high dimensional stability) .pdf

Polyamide in custom colors PANTONE or RAL
(when ordering, indicate the reference code - eg PANTONE 2028C or RAL2005)

Acrylic translucent resin for very high detailed parts .pdf


3d print is an instant online quote 3D printing professional service for production of metal and plastic parts from 3D models.
It use the best and most cost effective production technologies according to the customer's real needs and rapresenting a valid alternative to in-house production, avoiding the purchase and management of printers.

3d print uses SSL certificate for data protection.
3D service
3d print by Grafcocad S.R.L. VAT No. IT01327300099 workshapes@workshapes.com Ph. +39 019694383 Fax +39 0196816854

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3D printing service